Success Story : PERFORMANCE


I joined My Health Revolution in January 2020 with a view to shift some unwanted weight/fat gained over the festive period. In those 60 days, I lost 2.5kg whilst maintaining a good amount of strength/muscle. Once the gyms opened again at the end of July, my focus was to regain as much strength as possible. As a result of the combination of hard work in the gym, support from the team and an increased calorie allowance, I have seen fantastic results/progress in the past 4 months.

The guidance and support given by the team at My Health Revolution is unparalleled. Since January, I have roughly gained 1 inch on both arms, chest, waist and both legs, and have gained just under 2 inches on my hips. Resulting in a 1.6kg weight increase. All of which I am happy about. But more than just gaining inches, I have gained so much knowledge and understanding from being part of this group. Highly recommend joining this fantastic group/team.

+22.5 kg
Bench Press:
+5 kg
Dead Lift:
+8 kg
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