Success Story : LIFESTYLE


I joined My Health Revolution in June 2018 after seeing photos of myself on a hen do looking bigger than I ever had. I decided I needed to change my lifestyle as I was becoming concerned about my health, I saw a friend have brilliant results with the programme and decided to take my health seriously and sign up. From day 1 Peter and the team have been 100% supportive, providing me with all the information I needed regarding nutrition and always being on hand to answer questions I may have.

The programme really is accessible to people wanting to lose large amounts of fat too, as going to the gym is not a necessity – however the webinars and live chats teach a lot about fitness and the benefits of exercise as well. I have been following the programme now for over a year and have lost 5 stone in total and 113cm across my body. The physical change in my body is only one area of my life that has improved as a result of this programme – I now enjoy hiking and running as hobbies and I can now walk into any high street store and buy clothes without having to go to a specialist plus-sized retailer. After being very overweight my entire adult life I am beyond happy with the results I have achieved with Peter’s support and following the programme – it has changed my perspective on health and fitness entirely and changed my life for the better.

-70 lbs -113 cm
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