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Meet The Team

Our purpose is to provide a personalised approach to weight loss and overall health.

With the application of accessible, evidence based system that will empowers your health revolution and create a sustainable life style that will help you keep the weight off for good!

My Health Revolution Team - Peter

Peter – Head Coach

Hi, I’m Peter and I am the Head Coach and founder of My Health Revolution! I am a Certified MNU Nutritionist with almost 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. I created ‘My Health Revolution’ as I was fed up and frustrated with the diet culture that the health and fitness industry had created with fad diets, shakes and pills, and I wanted to offer people something much better! Diets are restrictive, short term and generally unenjoyable and I wanted to show people that there is a better way … I wanted to start a real Revolution! I have dedicated my life to helping people transform their lives and tackling the confusion that has been created by uneducated and unqualified people and companies across social media.

My Health Revolution Team - Sarah

Sarah – Coach

Hi, I’m Sarah, I have worked in the health & the fitness industry for over 15 years and am a Certified MNU Nutritionist. I am passionate about helping people cut through misinformation about diets and fitness, educating and empowering people to enjoy food whilst achieving their goals. I previously worked as part of a dietetic team within the NHS providing weight loss groups and was an integral part of providing an innovative children’s program comprising nutrition, cookery skills, mindset, habits and a fitness element. I have an interest in women’s/menopausal health having been lucky enough to be educated by one of the UKs leading GP menopause specialists enabling me to give up to date and evidence based advice In my personal life I enjoy travel, time with family and friends, cooking and creating home made meals, cinema and time outdoors in the New Forest where I live.

My Health Revolution Team - Keri

Keri – Coach

Hi, I’m Keri. PT since 2013 and when I say I’ve been there and done that, I mean it! An acrobat for 10 yrs, a party girl for most of my 20s and extremely overweight/obese at this time. I tried EVERY fad diet!! Before turning 30, I decided to set myself a challenge, I did a 180° in life and competed in a Fitness model/Bodybuilding show. This led me to a change in career path and I studied to qualify as a PT. I worked in a nationwide gym for years and trained 100s of women empowering them to positively change their mindset, transform their bodies and become their most fabulous selves. Then, life as I knew it changed for me again and became a mum to a beautiful and sassy girl. Having had first hand experience in fat loss I can tell you its not about what you weigh to achieve inner happiness, its not about looking like the underwear model on Instagram (don’t get me started on unrealistic body image messaging) it’s about feeling the best version of yourself! Life isn’t linear and parenthood can be tough. The ability to make yourself a priority with little people can seem almost impossible. BUT everybody deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin. I’m here to help you achieve that simply by addressing and changing your daily lifestyle choices. You are fierce and fabulous…you just haven’t realised it yet!

My Health Revolution Team - Dan

Dan – Coach

Hi, I’m Dan and I’m so pleased to have joined the My Health Revolution coaching team. It’s been a bit of a late step into the health and fitness industry for me, but I’ve really developed a passion for coaching and helping people achieve their goals whatever they may be. I’m a qualified personal trainer and also qualified as a youth strength and conditioning specialist in 2019. I am currently assisting in teaching youth and teens self defense too. I’m a keen cyclist, you could almost say it’s my release from the everyday grind. I enjoy social events with friends and love spending time with my family. I still play 5 a side every week, but sometimes forget I’m not 18 anymore, I’m looking forward to supporting some of you on your health and fat loss journeys

My Health Revolution Team - CJ

CJ – Coach

Hi, I’m Charlotte but everyone calls me CJ. I qualified as a PT in 2014 and have pursued a career in Group Fitness ever since. It is my passion and to see people light up when I teach just makes my heart happy. However, I haven’t always been this way. I used to be overweight and I’ve lost about 6 stone. I have also suffered with depression and anxiety, so I know how hard the struggle can be. I have been part of the My Health Revolution Program as a member and been successful with it, so I have a unique understanding when it comes to helping people through this program. I love to help people find fun and enjoyable ways to reach their goals and I look forward to helping you with yours too!

My Health Revolution Team - Pam

Pam – Trainee Coach

Hi, I’m Pam. I have always been an active and outdoor loving person. My career to date was Sports Development and I have always had a passion for being healthy, living an active lifestyle and enjoying the great outdoors. I am a mum to 3 boys and as a result of maternity leave and the incredibly tiring and demanding toddler stage, I found myself significantly bigger than I had ever been. After several years of yo-yoing with SW I finally found a program that made complete sense and I felt was the ‘normal’ approach to losing weight that I knew existed but had never found. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey as a member, rediscovered my self confidence along with reigniting my passion for fitness and training in the gym. Forward 2 years later and I am now very proud to be a Director of My Health Revolution. I am so excited to be able to help so many more people to achieve their goals with their very own ‘My Health Revolution’.

My Health Revolution Team - Cara

Cara – Trainee Coach

Hi, I’m Cara, I’m a Level 2 Gym Instructor and I’m currently studying for my Level 3 PT and Level 4 Nutrition for Sport qualifications. I am a mum of two, and I have a passion for cooking homemade, family friendly, well balanced meals. Before becoming a coach, I was also a member of the program. With the education I gained and the support I received I lost 67lbs and 81cm from my body. Joining the program was truly life changing. I found my passion for health and fitness after completing my own health revolution journey. I know first hand the struggles many people face when trying to lose weight! I want nothing more than to be able to support and help guide others on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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