My Health Revolution Team - Keri



Hi, I’m Keri. PT since 2013 and when I say I’ve been there and done that, I mean it! An acrobat for 10 yrs, a party girl for most of my 20s and extremely overweight/obese at this time. I tried EVERY fad diet!! Before turning 30, I decided to set myself a challenge, I did a 180° in life and competed in a Fitness model/Bodybuilding show. This led me to a change in career path and I studied to qualify as a PT. I worked in a nationwide gym for years and trained 100s of women empowering them to positively change their mindset, transform their bodies and become their most fabulous selves. Then, life as I knew it changed for me again and became a mum to a beautiful and sassy girl.

Having had first hand experience in fat loss I can tell you its not about what you weigh to achieve inner happiness, its not about looking like the underwear model on Instagram (don’t get me started on unrealistic body image messaging) it’s about feeling the best version of yourself! Life isn’t linear and parenthood can be tough. The ability to make yourself a priority with little people can seem almost impossible. BUT everybody deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin. I’m here to help you achieve that simply by addressing and changing your daily lifestyle choices. You are fierce and fabulous … you just haven’t realised it yet!